Root Certificate

To automatically verify the server's identity please install following root certificate as trusted root certificate for the server name

Firefox and Thunderbird have own certificate storage (Options / Advanced / Certificates).
For IE, Chrome, Outlook and some other, in Windows, the certificate must be installed under Trusted Root Certificates for the local computer account. This requires administrator privileges.

Here you will always find the current link to the Webmail App.

→ Webmail ←

Server-side filtering setup is within the Webmail App.

Mailbox Configuration
Mail Client Settings
Account type IMAP
Port 143
Security / Encryption TLS / STARTTLS
Outgoing Mail SMTP
Port 587
Security / Encryption TLS / STARTTLS
User / Account name   your e-mail address
Password your e-mail password
Authentication type Plain / Login

Where necessary, the following (deprecated) SSL ports are also available:

IMAPS port 993 (SSL)
SMTPS port 465 (SSL)